Puget Sound Off

Puget Sound Off

Seattle digital youth commons, named Puget Sound Off (PSO) by the teens who designed it, is a youth engagement web environment housing many issue and interest communities. Founded through a partnership between the City of Seattle, CCCE and the Seattle Metrocenter YMCA, PSO involves hands-on participation from a diverse spectrum of regional teens ages 13- 18.

Puget Sound Off serves as a training program and youth-driven website which provides Seattle area youth with a forum for discussion, artistic expression, and action as a way to empower and encourage them to develop a strong public voice. Youth learn about using participatory media to develop public voice and organize effective action. They also participate in design decisions and share site management and editorial responsibilities. The CCCE has been instrumental in creating a series of digital media skills curriculum modules for the PSO site, which can be accessed here.

Key Features:
The PSO site includes issue and group pages (for local youth organizations), with options for blogging, polling, user content, creative user multimedia, calendar, jobs and group networking features.

Advice for other youth civic engagement website developers

Click here to read about the results of PSO’s launch contest


an opportunity to empower young people in the region of Seattle

to express themselves,

connect to local resources, share values and concerns, and engage...

in seeking solutions and taking action.


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