Project Team: University of Washington research assistants and staff led by Prof. Lance Bennett are working together to advance knowledge and produce tool for practitioners in the area of youth advocacy and civic learning. Click here to see who is in the team.

A select group of academic, activists and organizational leaders have come together to engage in a discussion about civic learning online, what kids of digital communication skills are needed to empower youth for advocacy and civic action, and strategies to empower youth to effectively sustain and grow online communities. Click here to see a complete list of our advisor group.

University of Washington works in partnerships with national and local organizations to engage with practitioners and develop tools and resources for civic learning online. Click here a full list of our partners.

The Civic Learning Online initiative is funded principally by the MacArthur Foundation and the Surdna Foundation. These funders are joined by the Office of the Provost and the College of Arts and Sciences at University Of Washington, among other organizations that support related activities such as Becoming Citizens. Click here to learn more about our funders

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